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I needed a website and I needed a online presensce fast. I was concerned about hiring a designer and spending hundreds of dollars when I wasnt even sure what I wanted or needed. Building a website with Hyperstreet was just the answer I needed. I jumped right in and found it easy to navigate and add all of my information to the website builder. Its alot easier than I had anticipated it to be and had I known I would have tried this a long time ago. The support staff is great...very well trained on their services....and they showed me several tips and now I have a website I can manage on my own. Regards,

- Tanya Kohler

Hi there! I would just like you to know about my recent experience with your company. About 6 weeks ago, I called Hyperstreet with some questions and concerns I had about our ancient and inefficient website. Not knowing a whole lot about web design or much else about computers in general I was a lost soul searching for answers! On the receiving end of my phone call that day was Karin Wagner. Karin was patient and extremely informative in talking me through the process. She made some very helpful suggestions in assisting our company and its website. She helped us update our website into a much more modern and informative site that I am more than proud to advertise now. I could have never done it on my own! She helped guide us in the right direction as far as optimizing our site and helping us to be more visible in our local markets. I can not express how thankful I am to Karin for all of her hard work and customer care. She is a breath of fresh air in today's lackluster customer service arena"

- Hannah Peters, Vice President, Protective Painting Inc.

My original website required me to learn HTML, find all my own photos, design everything in MS Front Page and then transmit all my webpage files through an FTP transfer." "When I switched to your product, I discovered your easy-to-use website builder that came packaged with photos, features and styles already built in... "

- R. Scott White, President, Business Paradigms, Inc

Absolutely the easiest way to manage my own site. As a business owner it is important to promote and maintain contact with my existing customer base and to generate new business through my own website. This website builder makes it very easy to do, and I do not have pay for a designer! ".

- Jim Haddon